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Informal Pitch: A Live-Action Pokémon Kaiju Film

The Kanto region has fallen into chaos. Unusually powerful Pokémon have been appearing in the wild with alarming frequency, often outside their natural habitats. Ordinary citizens have reported vivid, recurring nightmares about abandoned cities on uncharted islands. And now, the S.S. Anne has vanished off the coast of Cinnabar Island; the handful of survivors that washed ashore claim that the ship was attacked by an enormous, amorphous, indescribably horrifying monster.

Part-time Gym Leader and full-time mad scientist Blaine believes that the creature could be the Missing Number—the common ancestor from which all Pokémon have inherited the unique ability to spontaneously “evolve.” Desperate to advance mankind’s knowledge and prove his worth as a biologist, Blaine joins forces with fellow trainer Lieutenant Surge to capture and research the valuable specimen—unaware that the fanatical soldier is pursuing his own nefarious agenda.

But these men are tampering with forces that they cannot possibly comprehend; can Ash and his companions stop them before their foolish ambitions destroy the Pokémon World? Find out this summer in The Call of MissingNo.

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