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Informal Pitch: An RPG Based on the Teen Titans Animated Series

Premise: Nearly ten years have passed since the Teen Titans disbanded. The tragic circumstances surrounding the team’s dissolution have left Robin cold, disillusioned, wary of the responsibilities of leadership—and the risks of failure. Now calling himself Nightwing, he prefers to patrol the rooftops of Jump City alone… at least until Raven, long presumed killed in action, suddenly reappears, looking exactly as she did on the night of the group’s final mission. Ignorant of the forces that orchestrated her miraculous revival but convinced that they are malevolent, Raven urges Nightwing to reassemble the Titans once more, before it’s too late.

Unfortunately, their former teammates have grown up, drifted apart, moved on. Starfire has returned to her home world, which she now rules as a benevolent empress. Beast Boy has assumed leadership of the Doom Patrol, and spends his days obsessively searching the multiverse for the now-villainous Mento. Cyborg has accepted a job at S.T.A.R. Labs, where he toils to help troubled teens adjust to situations similar to his own. In order to stop this mysterious threat, Nightwing will have to put his faith in the next generation of young heroes. With your help, he will found and mentor… THE NEW TEEN TITANS.

  • A non-linear story offers hours and hours of content. Like the acclaimed animated series that inspired it, the game’s plot is episodic, structured around a series of standalone missions that gradually builds to an epic climax. Prepare your team for the final showdown by battling old foes (the H.I.V.E. Five, General Immortus) and new nemeses alike. Remember, the more optional quests you complete, the more experience you’ll accumulate… and the more potential recruits you’ll unlock, including a few familiar faces (Speedy, Red X, and an enigmatic white-haired, one-eyed man).

  • Streamlined action-RPG mechanics allow for a deeply customizable gameplay experience. Choose your favorite recruits from among dozens of unique and colorful young heroes, then decide how Nightwing should train their powers and skills. Should your martial artist focus on brute strength, or develop his proficiency with ranged weaponry, attacking from a distance while the others draw fire? Should your speedster focus on light-but-quick attacks to gradually whittle down the enemy’s health, or special abilities that induce useful status effects (e.g., Whirlwind = Dizziness)? Use your judgment to craft a well-balanced team that best suits your personal play style.

  • The narrative is shaped by your choices. Is Nightwing a patient teacher or a strict taskmaster? Does he grant his students the same sort of freedom he and his friends enjoyed, or is he too fearful of repeating past mistakes? How you interact with your team, as well as its individual members, has far-reaching consequences. Certain powers and skills only become available under a particular style of leadership, and some characters may even get fed up and leave if they don’t like Nightwing’s attitude!

Can your new incarnation of the Titans persevere against this ominous new threat? Or will the forces of evil crush the team in its infancy? It’s all up to you. Teach them. Lead them. Pass the torch on to the next generation of superheroes… to THE NEW TEEN TITANS!

[Originally written January 29, 2014.]

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