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Review: Seoul Station

Logged on to Kanopy to watch Seoul Station, the animated sequel/spinoff to Train to Busan. Despite sharing some narrative DNA with its predecessor, however, this is a different beast entirely—significantly darker and more pessimistic, almost to the point of nihilism. It brings the socioeconomic themes that lingered in the first film’s subtext to the forefront, finding its heroes among South Korea’s homeless population—outcasts and rejects that might as well be invisible, initially blamed for the disaster that decimates the city, then abandoned to die at the hands of the undead horde by an indifferent government. Like Land of the Dead and Cabin in the Woods, it convincingly argues that modern society has grown inherently corrupt, and therefore deserves to be torn down by the very “monsters" it fears (it’s appropriate that the climax unfolds in a furniture showroom, symbolizing the empty promises of a thoroughly rotten culture that’s become obsessed with luxury and materialism).

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