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A List of Fetishes Present in the Film Adaptation of Cats

[Yes, I did endure this cinematic atrocity so that you wouldn’t have to. You’re welcome.]

  1. Furry. Obviously.

  2. Vore. Perpetrated during Rebel Wilson’s extremely disturbing musical number.

  3. Feet. Amidst all of the animal attributes on display, the "paws" remain noticeably humanoid.

  4. Exhibitionism. Several cats wear clothing; they also frequently remove said garments, revealing every contour of their anthropomorphized bodies. Particularly blatant in Idris Elba’s case.

  5. CBT. The filmmakers attempt—unsuccessfully—to disguise this one as “slapstick comedy.”

  6. Humiliation. I certainly hope that Elba and Dame Judi Dench are a little embarrassed by their work here, anyway. Not Sir Ian McKellen, though; ever the consummate professional, he embraces the absurdity of the premise... and has an absolute blast.

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