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Review: Rawhead Rex

Treat: I got off work early enough to catch Film Forum’s interactive screening of William Castle’s The Tingler, starring the inimitable...

Review: The Fog

My brother is in town for the weekend, so I treated him to a screening of The Fog over at Metrograph. This early John Carpenter chiller...

Review: A Bay of Blood

Well, it must be snowing in Hell, because I actually had enough time and energy to watch a movie after work tonight. Sticking with my...

Review: Bewitched (1981)

This year’s cinematic celebration of Halloween has already transported me to Italy and Japan, so it felt appropriate to take advantage of...

Review: Halloween (2018)

Got off of work early enough to catch a screening of David Gordon Green’s Halloween, and boy, am I glad I did! This is the sequel the...

Review: The Vampire Doll

Continued my celebration of the Halloween season with a screening of The Vampire Doll at Metrograph. The first entry in director Michio...

Review: Deep Red

So many movies to see, so little motivation to actually drag my ass out of bed. Fortunately, that’s why online streaming services were...

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