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Dissecting Slender Man

Earlier today, IGN debuted a teaser poster for the upcoming theatrical film based on the Slender Man mythos. And honestly, judging it on its own merits, I think it’s a pretty darn cool piece of promotional material. Intentional or not, Slendy’s blurred, indistinct silhouette effectively alludes to his enigmatic, elusive nature, and I like how the condensation subtly evokes his iconic tentacles, which tend to be either ignored or overly exaggerated in other adaptations.

That said, I still have to ask: Do we really need a Slender Man movie? Marble Hornets, TribeTwelve, EverymanHYBRID, and other web series like them have thoroughly plundered every scrap of potential lore, and the charming DIY aesthetic they crafted is far more unique and innovative than anything a motion picture studio (major or otherwise) could possibly accomplish. Sure, a professional production might feature flashier cinematography and more impressive special effects, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be as scary as its scrappy, low-budget predecessors.

I’ll keep an open mind, but my gut tells me this poster will be better than the product it’s advertising.

[Originally written January 2, 2018. No, I still haven't seen the finished film, and at this point, I don't particularly care to.]

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