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Review: Logan Lucky

Saw Logan Lucky today. I wouldn’t describe myself as an avid Soderbergh fan, but his much-anticipated return to the big screen is undeniably special. More often than not, heist movies are about selfish, greedy criminals trying very hard to screw each other over, but here, the characters take great pains to ensure that even the victims of their audacious racetrack robbery are at least compensated for their trouble. From the opening scene between Channing Tatum’s blue-collar protagonist and his adorable little girl, it’s clear that the particulars of the film’s caper are less important than its central theme of familial love—through hardship, misfortune, and adversity, the luckless Logan siblings stick together, offering one another unconditional support. In that way, Logan Lucky is a lot like its oft-underestimated heroes: constantly subverting expectations.

[Originally written September 2, 2017.]

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