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Review: The Defenders

None of the new releases or special screenings at my usual cinematic haunts caught my eye, so I took the opportunity to finally sit down and binge Marvel’s The Defenders. I’m only three episodes deep, but I’m enjoying it so far. The overall narrative structure is particularly interesting: initially, at least, it felt like I was watching little mini-seasons of each character’s solo series, with the heroes pursuing their own individual goals until, by sheer coincidence, their paths converge in one extremely awkward elevator ride.

True, they’re all unknowingly working to thwart the same evil conspiracy, but the fact that they just happen to arrive at the villain’s lair at the same time is the sort of storytelling contrivance that should strain credulity. Then again, between radioactive spider bites, trigger-happy muggers, and planet-destroying cataclysms, isn’t all great superhero fiction built on the foundation of such random chance?

[Originally written October 28, 2017.]

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