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Review: The Post

Just saw The Post. As always, I’m amazed that Spielberg is able to make the art of filmmaking look so effortless. How is his style at once so invisible and yet so unmistakable?

A movie about the legal battles surrounding the publication of a newspaper runs the risk of being dreadfully dull, but in this case, the framing, blocking of the performances, and sweeping camera movements make every phone call, boardroom meeting, and scene of frenzied typing feel dynamic, exciting, and engaging, all without being excessively showy. Spielberg never flaunts his considerable talents; he simply chooses the shots he absolutely needs to tell the story—nothing more, nothing less.

There are a few missteps here and there (the image of a triumphant Streep navigating a literal sea of women as they gaze upon her with admiration and awe is a little too on-the-nose), but overall, The Post is a fun little political thriller, and a fantastic companion piece to All the President’s Men.

[Originally written January 7, 2018.]

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