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Informal Pitch: A Raunchy College Comedy Set in the Star Trek Universe

Updated: Jun 27

Premise: Before embarking upon their legendary expedition to discover strange new worlds, the iconic crew of the Enterprise must conquer the most exciting frontier of all—higher education! In the golden age of space exploration, the stuffy, no-nonsense Dean of Starfleet Academy (Paul Giamatti) determines who is worthy of commanding the Federation’s galactic voyages—and he rules his school with an iron fist! But the arrival of a trio of new students—Jimmy Kirk (the ladies’ man), “Bones” McCoy (the party animal), and Spock (the nerdy late bloomer)—introduces chaos, mischief, and disorder (otherwise known as “fun”) into his dull and dreary domain.

Inspired by such classic comedies as Animal House and Old School, Star Trek: Starfleet Academy brings raunchy humor and anarchic hijinks to the beloved sci-fi franchise.


GIAMATTI: “That training excursion was meant to be purely exploratory—no interaction with the local populace!"

KIRK: “Respectfully, sir, I’d argue that our exploration was extremely thorough."

BONES: “Yes, you won’t find more comprehensive hands-on research in the whole Academy."

GIAMATTI: “Preliminary studies are supposed to be hands-off… especially with regards to the daughters of tribal chieftains. Your sloppy first contact has irreparably disrupted a primitive pre-warp culture and thrown an entire planetary ecosystem into disarray!"

KIRK: “I assure you, there was nothing sloppy about the first contact. Mr. Spock’s second contact, on the other hand…"

SPOCK: “Please don’t call my dad.”

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