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A Typical Example of a Telltale Games Moral Dilemma

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

WONKA: But Charlie, don’t forget what happened to the man who suddenly got everything he always wanted… he lived happily every after!

WONKA and CHARLIE share a mirthful laugh as the Great Glass Elevator slowly ascends. After everything the boy has been through, all is finally right in the world…

…until  a GUNSHOT abruptly rings out! Wonka’s eyes bulge in pain and surprise. Trembling, he touches his ribs… and finds his hand wet with blood. With a final GASP, he slumps over, seemingly DEAD.

Shocked and dismayed, Charlie turns… and sees GRANDPA JOE holding a smoking pistol.

CHARLIE: Grandpa Joe… why?

JOE: I’m sorry, Charlie… but I’m taking that Everlasting Gobstopper. Think of how much it’ll fetch on the black market! And we need that money…

CHARLIE: But… Mister Wonka said…

JOE: Don’t be naive, boy! Do you have any idea how much I owe the mafia? How do you think we got so poor in the first place? And how do you think your father died?

Grandpa Joe takes a step forward. Charlie retreats, protectively clutching the valuable candy in his pocket.

JOE: Come on, Charlie. Hand it over. If I don’t settle this debt, they could come after you next! Or your mother…

Tears well up in Charlie’s eyes, his resolve weakening.

SUDDENLY, Wonka’s CANE lashes out, tripping Grandpa Joe. The gun flies from his grasp, skidding across the floor. In an instant, Wonka is on his feet, grappling with the old man.

JOE: How?!

WONKA: Strawberry filling, bitch!

JOE: Charlie! Save me!

WONKA: Don’t listen to him, Charlie! You heard what he said; he’s the cause of all your misfortune! Kill him, son, and leave the pain of your past behind once and for all!

JOE: No, please! I’m sorry, Charlie… for everything! You can trust me; I’m still your family!

Charlie, his loyalties torn, picks up the discarded weapon and, shaking with uncertainty, aims…

Press “A” to shoot GRANDPA JOE.

Press “B” to shoot WONKA.

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