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A Typical Example of the Closing Narration in a Heartwarming Coming-of-Age Movie

Adult Version of Protagonist: And that's the story of the summer that changed our lives forever. Unfortunately, me and the guys kind of drifted apart after that... just part of growing up, I guess.

Tommy Bambino fulfilled his dream of becoming a professional polo player. He retired in shame following a doping scandal and squandered his fortune on a series a bad investments, but he's doing alright otherwise. He currently co-hosts a bi-weekly podcast about the best bakeries in Rhode Island.

The twins, Benny and Gerald, both enlisted in the military to make their old man proud. Ben was killed by friendly fire in Vietnam. His brother made it home to two failed marriages and a handful of kids that resented him, and never really recovered from the trauma.

Arnold joined the local police force and eventually got promoted to captain. Every few years, somebody accuses him of taking bribes, tampering with evidence, and coercing phony confessions, but the charges are always dropped under mysterious circumstances.

As for me? Well, I never really existed in the first place. I'm a figment of your imagination. You need help, Paul. Your wife isn't coming back; it's time to move on.

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