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Informal Pitch: A Big-Budget Hollywood Adaptation of Golgo 13

Synopsis: Following the completion of a job in New York City, the aging (but no less deadly) assassin known as Golgo 13 (Ken Watanabe) is apprehended by agents of the United States government—not to arrest him, but to hire him. It seems a high-ranking politician is colluding with foreign powers, and they want him removed from office… permanently.

Unbeknownst to all but our hero himself, however, years of drinking, smoking, and sleeping around (not to mention any number of bullet and stab wounds) have finally taken their toll, and his days are numbered. When his failing health causes his normally unerring aim to waver at a crucial moment, his employers scramble to silence him, fearing that he might expose their role in the plot. Golgo 13, ever the consummate professional, refuses to allow their betrayal to prevent him from fulfilling the contract—but as his allies abandon him and his target amasses a private army to hunt him down, he begins to wonder whether his own life is really worth fighting for…

Possible directors: James Mangold, Martin Campbell, Takashi Miike

[Originally written April 19, 2018.]

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