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Informal Pitch: A Disney/Pixar Animated Feature

Plot Synopsis: Finn (David Harbour) is a salmon that refuses to swim upstream. Clawdia (Zendaya) is a young grizzly bear that refuses to eat fish. When these two outsiders meet, they concoct a mutually beneficial scheme that simultaneously satisfies Clawdia’s gruff father (Idris Elba)—who insists that his daughter should “respect the natural order”—and protects Finn from other predators: Finn repeatedly allows himself to be “caught” by Clawdia, who then discreetly releases him into calmer waters. When Finn’s undiscerning appetite lands him in a fisherman’s cooler, however, Clawdia must race against time to rescue her newfound friend before he winds up sizzling on a grill. This heartwarming animated comedy also features the voice talents of Wanda Sykes, John Ratzenberger, Wallace Shawn, Alan Tudyk, John Mulaney, Donald Glover, and James Corden.

Potential Titles: Finn and Bear It, Bear with Me, Swimming Against the Current

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