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Informal Pitch: A Drag Me to Hell Sequel

Years ago, Christine Brown (Alison Lohman) was literally dragged to Hell by the forces of darkness—leaving behind her severely traumatized boyfriend. Still haunted by the memory of her fiery demise, Clayton Dalton (Justin Long) tirelessly researches paranormal activity and supernatural phenomena in an effort to revive her—a heretofore futile pursuit that has left him a penniless, alcoholic recluse.

His luck suddenly changes, however, when he unexpectedly encounters a self-proclaimed “demon hunter” while drowning his sorrows in a dingy dive bar. The mysterious, dashingly-handsome stranger is confident that he’ll be able to venture into the deepest recesses of the Underworld and recover Christine's damned soul—though it is only with great reluctance that he allows Clay to accompany him on the perilous journey.

Together, Clay and Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) are going to Drag Her Outta Hell!

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