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Informal Pitch: A Live Action Flintstones Reboot

Premise: When lifelong pals Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble, through sheer dumb luck and no shortage of bumbling, manage to inadvertently prevent an industrial disaster and save the lives of several coworkers, they become local celebrities. Smelling a surefire hit, sleazy movie producer Uwe Boulder flies the pair and their families out to Hollyrock for an all-expenses paid vacation, hoping the gesture will bring his upcoming film adaptation of their heroic exploits some much-needed good publicity. However, as the newfound fame begins to go to Fred’s head—especially when famous actor Bryan Cranstone (played by a self-parodying Bryan Cranston) begins shadowing him as “research”—and as it becomes increasingly clear that Barney’s role is being intentionally minimized, the once-inseparable buddies find their friendship strained to the breaking point. Will Fred remember what really matters before there’s no relationship left to salvage? Or will the Hollyrock dream chew him up and spit him out, as it has so many others?

Title: The Flintstones Go Hollyrock

[Originally written June 25, 2016. And yes, the entire premise was built around that lame Bryan Cranston pun.]

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