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Informal Pitch: A Man of Steel Sequel

Plot: Years after discovering his true heritage, Kal-El (Henry Cavill), now a full-time protector of the innocent, unearths a lost marvel of Kryptonian technology: a time machine that will allow him to experience, albeit briefly, life on his ancestral home world. The Krypton he visits, however, exists in a parallel universe, wherein General Zod (Michael Shannon) not only succeeded in overthrowing the ruling class, but also joined forces with Jor-El to prevent the planet’s cataclysmic destruction. By all appearances, Zod is a benevolent leader, guiding Krypton towards a new age of peace and prosperity… but beneath the facade, he is a brutal military dictator, maintaining harmony by eradicating those he deems inferior—including his own ally’s illegally-conceived infant son. When Zod sets his sights on this alternate reality’s version of Earth (intent on "sharing" his peoples’ wealth and good fortune), Superman must grapple with his lingering sense of guilt and find the fortitude to, once again, take his foe’s life for the greater good—this time without the aid of his fantastic superhuman abilities.

[Originally written September 19, 2013, back when the DCEU still had potential.]

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