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Informal Pitch: A Parody of a Hallmark Style Holiday Romcom

Title: The Christmas Conman

Synopsis: Holly Day never really cared about Christmas; her career simply didn’t leave much time for joy and merriment. She’s such a Scrooge, in fact, that she’s traveled all the way to Snow Globe, Wyoming to tear down the quaint town’s beloved Christmas tree farm and replace it with the world’s third largest shopping mall! But a chance encounter with a hunky local shaved ice salesman might just help her finally discover the true meaning of the season!

That’s how the story is supposed to go, anyway. Unfortunately for Holly, her new beau is actually a manipulative conman; he takes our poor heroine for all she’s worth—including the funds she's collected to finance the town's annual Christmas pageant! Desperate to salvage the event, she turns to her douchey-but-wealthy fiancé in the big city for aid; he begrudgingly agrees to bail her out of her predicament (despite his chilly demeanor, he’s not totally heartless), but makes it clear that their engagement is otherwise so over.

Thus, Holly learns that “rugged charm” is a poor foundation for a relationship, that “Christmas spirit” is no excuse for infidelity, and that while money can’t buy happiness, it certainly goes a long way towards a down payment.

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