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Informal Pitch: A Predator Sequel

A sadistic serial killer, known only as “The Ghost” due to his ability to strike without warning and vanish without a trace, stalks the streets of Earth’s newest orbital mega-colony, colloquially referred to as “The Iron Womb.” The Earth Colony Protection Force assigns its most talented detective, the world weary Frank Flintlock, to the case, but even this grizzled veteran has never encountered such brutally efficient bloodshed. With a rapidly growing body count and zero viable leads, Frank’s superiors are forced to enlist outside assistance.

Sometimes, it takes a hunter to catch a hunter, and the ECPF hires the galaxy’s best to track down The Ghost: a member of an alien race that once ritualistically slaughtered humans for sport, exiled for violating his tribe’s sacred customs and currently offering his extensive skills to the highest bidder. He has no name pronounceable in any human tongue; those who know of his reputation simply call him… The Predator.

Will Flintlock and The Predator be able to overcome their immense cultural differences in order to solve the case? And is there a more sinister motive behind The Ghost’s seemingly random killings? Find out this Christmas at a theater near you!

[Originally written June 9, 2016, shortly after Shane Black's The Predator was announced. Sadly, that film wasn't nearly as interesting as my hypothetical buddy comedy.]

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