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Informal Pitch: An RPG Based on Nickelodeon's Avatar

Premise: Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Only the Avatar, the bridge between the worlds of humans and spirits, reincarnated throughout the ages, can master all four elements. The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra have offered mere glimpses into the depths of this boundless mythology. Now, for the first time, experience a complete cycle, guiding the Avatar Spirit through four different conflicts in four very different lifetimes. Each incarnation’s actions will shape the challenges his or her successor must face, weaving a gripping narrative that demonstrates that the Avatar’s quest to maintain balance never truly ends.

  • Four distinct Avatars offer four unique perspectives of the world. From a wizened Northern Water Tribe woman to the arrogant son of a respected Earth Kingdom General, from a Fire Nation youth masquerading as a common street rat to a young Air Nomad taking her first steps into the Spirit World, each playable character provides a strikingly different narrative experience. One Avatar might be a loner, while another depends on the aid of loyal companions. One might revel in fame and recognition, while another prefers anonymity and solitude. The choices you make in each era shape the corresponding Avatar’s legacy—as well as the consequences he/she will face in subsequent lives.

  • Classic turn-based RPG action. Fights play out on a Final Fantasy-style “battle screen,” but combat requires more than just menu navigation. Executing timed controller inputs (system dependent) can improve your character’s “form,” increasing the amount of damage dealt. Be aware, however, that some Avatars are less comfortable with certain elements than others (the Fire Nation lad might struggle with his mastery of Water, for example), requiring more precision on the player’s part.

  • Explore a wide-open, ever-changing world. Learn new bending styles by seeking out old masters and ancient scrolls. Help various NPCs solve problems big and small, from quelling rebellions to recovering stolen family heirlooms—or leave them to deal with things themselves (a valid, and occasionally better, option). Then, watch the setting react to your decisions, in both the present and the far future: the leader of a revolution thwarted by the Earth Kingdom Avatar might be considered a martyr in the Fire Nation youth’s time, while the Air Nomad girl might be forced to fight an angry spirit that the Fire Nation Avatar failed to appease in his own time. The possibilities are endless.

Water. Earth. Fire. Air. And the cycle repeats, again and again. Because the Avatar’s work is never done. As long as the forces of chaos seek to disrupt the natural order, there must always be One who strives to restore Balance. A bridge between worlds. An Avatar.

[Originally written February 13, 2014.]

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