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Predicting the Ending of the Next Fast & Furious Movie, Based on the Recent Trailer

VIN DIESEL and the GANG enjoy an intimate backyard barbecue following their ordeal. JOHN CENA sheepishly approaches.

CENA: Gee, bro, I sure am sorry I tried to kill you and your crew.

DIESEL: Don’t sweat it. We’re all family here. And family is way bigger than one little fight.

A dramatic POP SONG fades in on the soundtrack as Diesel shifts to voiceover narration.

DIESEL (V.O.): I used to believe that there was more to family than just blood. But now I realize that you can’t forget your blood, because blood… that’s where you come from. I’ve always lived my life a quarter mile at a time. But sometimes, you gotta go a lot farther than a quarter mile… to find the strength to forgive somebody.


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