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Inu-Oh: Rebel Yell

From Lu Over the Wall to Ride Your Wave, animator Masaaki Yuasa’s films have always involved songs to some extent, but Inu-Oh is the...

Nope: #CloseEncounters

[The following essay contains MAJOR SPOILERS; YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!] The Digital Age has transformed mankind into a society of insatiable...

Review: Elvis

I apologize in advance if this review seems jumbled, disjointed, or confused; unfortunately, utter incoherence is the default response to...

Review: The Black Phone

[The following review contains MINOR SPOILERS; YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!] In the works of Stephen King, such mundane terrors as abusive...

Review: Drive My Car

[The following review contains MAJOR SPOILERS; YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!] The plot of Ryusuke Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car revolves around a...

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